14. Toothpaste
Mix it with that other medicine cabinet staple such as baking soda,(baking soda works to remove stains and debris) and you have got an effective toothpaste, which is handy for those times when you go to the store and accidentally leave toothpaste off the shopping list. it can also be used for toothache remedy
15. Mildew Free Humidifier
Mold and mildew can be damaging to your health. The quicker you clean it up the safer for you and your family You can place a pint of 3% H2O2 into the water in your humidifier to keep mold and mildew from forming. This will help the moist air that comes from your humidifier to be healthier to breathe.
16. Nail Whitener
If are your nails yellow or dirty? You can whiten them up by scrubbing them with some 3% ( H2O2).
17. Aquarium Cleaner
Hydrogen peroxide is ideal for cleaning aquariums to remove any algae and other buildup that forms on the sides and other elements involved in them.
This is safe for the fish, as long as you thoroughly rinse the aquarium after cleaning it and use it sparingly, If the above instructions are adhered to, it can be used to help control fungus growth in aquariums without harming fish.
18. Refrigerator Cleaner
This is useful in cleaning the inside of the refrigerator. This keeps it clean and fresh for your foods. You use a box of baking soda to eliminate the odors, then wipe everything down with a hydrogen peroxide solution to keep your refrigerator perfectly safe..
19. Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Clean your toilet bowl with hydrogen peroxide.. Just pour it straight into the bowl, and as the water in there dilute, then just swish the water and H2O2 in 50/50 proportion all around the toilet bowl,  under the rim, and let it wait for let it sit for 20 minutes or so,.
Now, just brush to remove the stains, and flush. .and there you have just saved yourself from having to buy an expensive solution for this nasty job…
20. Cure For Acne
Dab on some 3% hydrogen peroxide on acne to kill the bacteria that causes it. This have been proven to also help heal the acne effectively.

21. Dishwasher Detergent
Hydrogen peroxide can be used with regular dishwasher detergent to sanitize your dishes, and it can also be used on its own to clean dishes if you wash by hand.
Add 2 ounces of 3% H2O2 to either your automatic dishwasher or to your dishwater. Add an appropriate detergent and wash your dishes as you normally would and then thoroughly rinse (if hand washing).
22. Sanitize Kid’s Toys
Clean the kids’toys with H2O2 to keep it free from germs and bacteria that could otherwise make your children sick. Also wiping the Lunch boxes of your kids frequently with hydrogen peroxide is a great way to keep them sanitary safe…
23. Remove Deodorant Stain
Got stinky pits that leave stains on your clothes? Apply a mixture of dish-washing solution and hydrogen peroxide to the stain in a 1:2 ration, then let it sit for an hour or so. Then rinse with cold water to eliminate the stain.
24. Carpet Cleaning
Hydrogen Peroxide also works as a very effective carpet stain remover.. To help eliminate stains, simply pour some hydrogen peroxide on them, then add water and dry the mixture out with a wash cloth.
25. Hand Sanitizer
Wash your hands properly with hydrogen peroxide after handling anything that is dirty or germ laden. Then wash your hands with soap and rinse.
26. Ne-ti Pot Nasal Cleaner
This is an effective treatment for sinus infections, colds, or other nasal congestion problems. Start with a 50/50 mix on the solution and if this is not effective, you may need to change the ratio and add more H2O2.
Another one that is also proven to work well is to add a tablespoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to water, and presto, you’ have got an effective solution that can provide relief for sinus infections..
27. Curing the Common Cold
There are some claim that applying a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ears in the morning is an excellent way to fight one off common cold…
28. Counter-top Sanitizing
I have used Hydrogen peroxide on multiple time to sanitize my counter-tops. It can be used to eliminate stains, and you can use it to clean cutting boards and spray on foods to make sure they’re sanitary before and after cutting and chopping.
I make a spray using the 3% version of this peroxide mixed with water at about a 50/50 ratio. After applying, then you just wipe dry with a white cloth or paper towels.
29. Blood Stain Remover
I have also used hydrogen peroxide to remove blood from fabric…even micro suede furniture! Pour a small amount on the stain, let it bubble for a while, then blot gently.
Repeat until the stain is gone. The best part is that hydrogen peroxide will remove blood stains without damaging most fabrics. It does not weaken fabric like chlorine bleach does, and does not damage/remove the colors, either. Previous Page 


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