If you’re looking for an awesome butt workout that will leave you feeling satisfied (and a little sore) then you’ve come to the right place.

Today I’m sharing with you a workout that I’ve previously done – and by that, I mean bright & early Monday morning, and it was an awesome glute workout – and by awesome, I mean AWESOME.

This workout totally targets your three glute muscles. Yes, there are three muscles in each of those butt cheeks and when you’re exercising your butt you really want to hit all three. Most exercises targets the gluteus maximus, but not this workout – ohh no, this workout gets each and every glute muscle moving and grooving.

You’ve got the front squats which targets the gluteus maximus.

The plie squats targeting the gluteus minimus.

The side steps which targets the gluteus medius.

Each of these exercises also use the other glute muscles as synergists so you can never go wrong with this workout!

Now that I’ve got you convinced,

Ready, Set, Go!


+ Resistance Band
+ Exercise mat


50 Front Squats
50 Plie Squats
50 Glute Extensions
50 Squat Side Steps
   x3 sets

Image via :kamafitness.ca


FRONT SQUATS: Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold each handle of the resistance band in each hand. Place the middle of the band underneath both feet. Hold your palms together directly in front of your chest. Keep them in this position. Now, bend your knees, push your hips back and lower your body into a low squat. 90 degree bend please. Push your hips back up. This completes one rep. Complete a total of 50 reps.

PLIE SQUATS: Begin standing with feet wider than shoulder width apart. Point your toes away from your body and place the resistance band under each foot. Hold a handle in each hand and keep the resistance band in front of your hips, allowing it to lower as you bend. Bend your knees, push your hips back and keep a flat back. Squeeze your abs as you lower your body and really squeeze your glutes as you push yourself back up. This is one rep. Complete a total of 50 reps.

GLUTE EXTENSIONS: Stand on one foot and place the resistance band around your opposite foot. Bend your upper body forwards and hold your foot with the resistance band behind you. Keep your knee bent and kick your leg directly out behind you, all while keeping a flat back and abs tight. Make each rep at a nice controlled, slow pace. This exercise can really throw you off balance so be sure to use those abs! Squeeeeeze your glute as you kick your leg back and pull your knee back into starting position using your abdominals. This is one rep. Complete all 50 reps on one foot before moving to the opposite side.

SQUAT SIDE STEPS: Begin standing, shoulder width apart, with the middle of the resistance band under both feet. Hold a handle in each hand and keep your hands up by your side with your elbows bent. Now, take a step out to the right, moving right foot, then left foot then squat that ass down to a 90 degree. This is one rep. Then take a step back to the left, left foot, right foot and again squat that ass and repeat.
   *Be sure to keep enough resistance between your feet, otherwise this will not be doing anything for your muscles – it is too easy to slack on this exercise. Keep the resistance tight! Lolz!

After completing each round, take a rest as needed and continue. I didn’t rest at all, I pushed it through each round and by the time I was done…..I was done! After 3 rounds of this workout your butt should be will be full of lactic acid. Article source :kamafitness.ca


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