Everyone has heard The Snow White story. Oppressed princess, poisoned by a lethal apple goes into a deep coma only to be drawn out by the kiss of true love. However like any other fairy tales that are often retold with a twist, let’s retell this popular bedtime story to unfold a new weight loss diet for you. Oppressed princess with a weight problem goes on an apple diet, loses a few pounds, meets a handsome prince, falls in love and lives happily ever after, without any stepmother conflict involved at all. Sounds like nonsense? Well not really, since it is a pretty plausible theory considering apple diets have been proven to be effective weight loss tools. Want to know why and how the apple diet weight loss works? Read on.

Apple Diet for Weight Loss
The ideal components for a diet, apples are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber and also have very few calories, amounting to around 80 to 100 calories depending upon the size of the fruit. An effective laxative, apples are also nutritious and beneficial for the nervous system which is why they are included in many diet routines. However for this diet, the apple is the star and henceforth we will be taking a look at an effective 5 day apple diet to lose weight routine comprising mainly of apples.

The 5 Day Apple Diet Routine

1. Day One:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner should comprise of apples and only apples, amounting to around 1.5 kilograms. Sounds a bit tough, read some more as you do get some relief on day two.

2. Day Two:
Breakfast: Eat only apples in moderate quantities and don’t get impatient it’s only the beginning.

Lunch: Take a breather and enjoy some variety. An apple, a green salad, two carrots and a quarter of an onion is ideal. You are permitted to chew on a few mint leaves if you are worried about bad breath because of the onion factor.

Dinner: Apples in moderate quantities would be perfect for a light night time meal.

3. Day Three:
Breakfast: An apple, one slice of wholegrain bread and a slice of lean turkey or chicken bacon would be a great start to the day three of our 5 day apple diet routine.

Lunch: An apple, a green salad, two carrots and a quarter of an onion is your ideal midday meal. Once again you are allowed a few mint leaves to ward off the bad breath from that piece of onion. Not very different from day two, is it?

Dinner: Apples in moderate quantities and once again you need to be reminded to hold on because there’s only two days left to go.

4. Day Four:
Breakfast: A nice rosy apple, a slice of whole grain bread and a slice of low fat bacon. Be patient and anticipate the results in terms of weight loss.

Lunch: An apple, a delicious raw veggie salad and 200 grams of lean roast beef or skinned chicken. Chew well and eat slowly, the body is fooled into believing that you have had enough to eat hence no cravings for second helpings.

Dinner: Apples in moderate quantities. Eat light and sleep tight.

5. Day Five:
Breakfast: An apple, a boiled egg and a slice of whole grain bread is all you need to get you going.

Lunch: An apple, a raw vegetable salad or lightly spiced boiled vegetables and 200 grams of roast beef or skinned chicken to kill those hunger pangs and you are one meal away from the end of this not so tough weight loss diet.

Dinner: Eat apples in moderate quantities and you have successfully completed our 5 day apple weight loss routine.Article source :stylecraze.com
5 Day Apple Diet For Weight Loss
Image via :stylecraze.com


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