Very Few People Who Aren't Suffering From This Problem. Abdominal Bloating Is An Ailment In Which The Stomach Appears Tight And Full Because Of A Buildup Of Gas In The Small Intestine. A Proper Digestion Guarantees That The Food Consumed Is Converted Into The Needed Elements In The Body, Therefore Avoiding The Buildup Of Gas And Bloating.Causes:Overeating.Excessive Intake Of Coffee, Strong Tea And Alcohol.Certain Drugs And Caustic Substances.Eating Improperly Cooked Food.Consuming Large Quantities Of Sauces And Condiments.Anxiety, Grief, Tension.Symptoms:Coated Tongue, Foul Breath And Increased Flow Of SalivaScanty UrinationNausea, Vomiting, Headache And DizzinessBad Taste In MouthPain And Discomfort In The StomachLoss Of Appetite
11 Natural Remedies For Gas And Bloating
Ginger Stops The Gas From Developing Within The Stomach, Therefore It's A Great Preventive Measure. So If You Want To Keep Flatulence At Bay Chew On A Fresh Piece Of Ginger Or Add Some To Your Food. You Can Also Prepare A Ginger Tea.
2. Fennel:
Fennel Is The Best Choice For Managing Flatulence. It’s Amazingly Effective And Also Begins Working Very Quickly. Just Chew Gently On Some Fennel Seeds Or Put Them In A Cup Of Boiled, Hot Water For 3-5 Minutes And Then Drink Slowly. You'll Be “Gas Free” Within Minutes. It's Recommended To Always Have Some Fennel Seeds At Home Just In Case You Or Someone Else Has A Sudden Gas Outbreak!
Don't Mix Various Foods In A Single Meal.
3. Parsley:
Another Affordable And Great Remedy For Gas Is Simply Adding More Fresh Parsley To Your Diet. Add Dried Spice Or Freshly Minced Parsley To Those Foods That May Result In Intestinal Gas To Prevent The Problem From Taking Place. 
4. Peppermint: 
Add Two Drops Of Peppermint Oil In ½ Cup Cool Water. Drink It At Least 2 Times Daily. For Excellent Results, Add 3 Drops Of Lemon Juice To It.
As An Alternative, In A Cup Of Boiling Water, Steep Two Teaspoons Of Dried Peppermint Leaves For 10 Minutes. Strain It And Drink It After Every Single Meal. It'll Provide You With Quick Relief From Bloating.
5. Chamomile Tea:
Chamomile Tea Is An Effective Choice To Get Instant Relief From Bloating. This Herbal Tea Has Anti-Spasmodic And  Anti-Inflammatory Features That Can Help Ease The Stomach And Aid With Heartburn As Well.
Boil One Cup Of Water. Pour It Into A Cup Containing One Chamomile Tea Bag. Cover And Let It Sit For 10 Minutes.
Squeeze Out The Tea Bag.
Add Some Honey And Lemon Juice.
Sip The Tea Gently. Have This Tea 2-3 Times Daily Between Meals.
6. Cinnamon:
Add One Cinnamon Stick Or One Teaspoon Of Cinnamon Powder To 1 Cup Of Boiling Water. 
Steep It For 4 Minutes. 
Let It Cool. 
Add Honey To Make It Tasty. 
Drink This Tea At Least 3 Times A Day. It’s A Great Natural Way To Eliminate Bloating.
7. Banana:
Bananas Are A Good Source Of Fiber, They Can Help Decrease Bloating And Gas Linked To Constipation. Bananas Are Also Loaded With Potassium, A Mineral That Aid Regulate Fluid Levels In Your Entire Body And Gives Comfort From Bloating. If You Eat Bananas In A Regular Basis, You Can Get Rid Of Bloating For Good. You Can Consume Them As A Snack Or Add Them To Baked Desserts And Fruit Salads.
8. Berries
Berries Are One Of The Most Versatile Fruits Out There. Besides These Vast And Beneficial Properties Of Berries, Berries Also Aid In Reducing Chances Of Heart Disease, Cancer, And Obesity.
9. Almond Milk 
Almond Milk Contains No Cholesterol And Only 5 Mg Of Sodium Per Serving. Consuming Foods Low In Sodium And Cholesterol Help Us To Maintain Better Heart Health And Normal Blood Pressure.
10. Protein 
Protein Is An Important Building Block Of Bones, Muscles, Cartilage, Skin, And Blood. It Is A `Macronutrient`, And Our Body Needs Relatively Large Amounts Of It.
11. Chia 
Seeds Chia Seeds Are Also Popular For Weight Loss. They Help You Feel Full And Help With Digestion As Well.
More Tips:
Avoid Carbonated Drinks, Sugar, And Chewing Gum.
Eat A Balanced Diet.
Exercise In A Regular Basis (Breathing Exercises Are Really Helpful At That Time).

The Best 11 Natural Remedies For Gas And Bloating
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