The hands are seen as one’s own expression of self-care and sophistication. To have beautiful hands one should take care of them no matter the season you are in. anyhow, for a natural and efficient care one can choose using some of the things you can find in your kitchen.

Potatoes can be used as a natural treatment. This is very good for the hands that have bruises on them. One should boil the potatoes and then smash them and with that paste, cover your hands.

Natural treatment with blueberries is also used for bruised hands. One should macerate the blueberries in warm water for 24 hours. They should be macerated together with laurel leaves, garden salvia and rosemary. After 24 hours one should intermingle the liquid and put it in dark colored bottles. Use it by applying compresses on the affected area.

Natural treatment with borage is advisable to be used as a juice. The juice is obtained from the flowers and the leaves of fresh borage plant. It is then applied on the affected area.

Snowdrops may be beautiful and have a nice smell but are as well useful. The solution is obtained from bulbs and leaves and it is very good to diminish the stains that appear as one gets older. Some of them are even vanished for good

Wheat natural treatment contains in a paste obtained from 50 grams of cereals, 1 spoon of honey, the yolk of an egg and a little oil. It is mixed until it is blended well together. It is kept in a well closed jar and at night one should wash one’s hands and apply it for a smooth skin.

Lemon treatment is easy and very handy. One should massage the hands with lemon slices. It heals the cracks from your palms and hardens the nails.

Though are rather expensive, almonds are good for your hand treatments and if you can afford them, take advantage of this. The almond milk is obtained from 100 grams of almonds. One should leave the seeds in water for 4 hours, peel them off, smash them with little water in a bowl and then mix them with 100 grams sugar and 2 liters of water. It is used for the cracks on your hands.

The natural treatment with lyoopod should be made as an infusion. It helps reduce the sweat from your palms. One should wash the hands very well.

Salt or sugar treatment is good for your hands exfoliation. After massaging your hands well, one should rinse with cold water.

Olive oil is good for your hands while warm. Put the fingers in warm olive oil for a few minutes and then take them out and massage them in order that the oil is well absorbed in your hands. Rinse the excess afterwards -
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Natural remedies for beautiful hands
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