Scissor kicks

These kicks are good for your core muscles and also strengthen your thigh muscles by moving your legs in multiple directions.
  1. Lie on your back, while your arms are down by your sides.
  2. You can do the exercise in 2 directions: (A) Raise your feet about 30 cm off the floor. Controlling your core muscles, scissor your legs up and down for 10 reps. (B) Without resting, now scissor your legs side to side (choose which foot crosses over top at the center and alternate between the legs) for 10 more reps for each leg. This is one set.
  3. Repeat for 3 sets, trying not to drop your legs in between.

Side and cross-over lunges
This exercise will help you to tone your inner thighs as it hits them from different directions.
  1. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take your left foot making a wide side-step (illustration A). Bend your right knee so you push your hips behind you when you are stepping aside (keep your back straight and your face forward). Your right leg remains extended as you move your body weight on your left side.
  2. Touch the ground with your finger tips so your arms on either side of the left foot. Return to standing position. Perform 1 set for each leg, 10-15 repetitions.
  3. For the classic lunges (illustration B), stand with your right leg forward and left leg back. Then slowly bend the knees until both legs are nearly at right angles. Then push back up to starting position. Remember to keep your back straight and don’t let your knees extend over your toes. Perform 1 set for each leg, 10-15 repetitions.

Seated Ball (or Pillow) Squeeze
  1. Sit on a chair, resting your feet on the floor. Your knees are bent at 90 degrees.
  2. Place a ball (or a pillow) between your thighs and inhale. Exhale as you squeeze the ball between your thighs.
  3. Hold for 1 minute while breathing normally. Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets.

Inner Thigh Lift and Circles
  1. Lie on your right side while supporting your head with your bent arm as per the illustration below (alternatively you can fold your arm down and rest your head on it).
  2. Bend your left leg and place your foot on the floor in front of your right leg, holding your ankle for support. Your right leg is extended.
  3. Use your inner thigh muscles to lift your right leg upwards at least 15 cm. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly lower your leg back. Alternatively you can draw imaginary circles on the back wall.
  4. Repeat 10-20 times for each side.

Side Squat with Band
Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be used for a total body workout. They also offer you the option of using different levels of resistance depending on your fitness level.

This exercise works on your inner and outer thighs, hips and bottom. You can do this exercise without the resistance band, but the band will further increase the efficacy of this exercise.
  1. Stand while your feet are shoulder-width apart and tie a band around your lower legs.
  2. Lift your left leg and step out to the left while pressing out against the resistance of the band. When your left foot touches the floor, bend your knees into a deep squat.
  3. Then stand up again and bring your feet back to shoulder-width apart.
  4. Repeat – Either alternate legs or take 10 steps to the left and then 10 steps to the right.
Keep up the good work and give your inner thighs the attention they need!


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