This homemade headache salve is one of my favorite ways to help eliminate my headaches naturally. I have been trying to find more natural remedies instead of turning to a store-bought medication every time I don’t feel well.  I have been having luck with using essential oils so I wanted to find a way to make something to use for headaches.  Between stress and allergies, I am prone to headaches more often than I like. I wanted something that was easier to do than a steam inhalation since I cannot work with my head over a pot of hot water with essential oils in it. 

Homemade Headache Salve


This homemade headache salve is very easy to make. You can customize it depending on the type of headache that you have.   I have found that for me, peppermint essential oil works the best. However, if your headache is brought on by stress, you may also want to add lavender essential oil with the peppermint. If your headache is caused by congestion, you may want to add eucalyptus essential oil with the peppermint.  Migraines can be helped by peppermint essential oil and basil essential oil.
The process for making this homemade headache salve is the same no matter which oils you choose to use.
  • 2 glass bowls of different sizes
  • Hot water
  • Essential oils of your choice. Scent until you notice it.
  • Small metal container or glass baby food jar with top
  • Virgin Coconut Oil

  •  Put hot water from the faucet into the larger bowl.
  • Set the smaller bowl on top of the larger bowl and wait. Replace with more hot water if needed until melted.
  • Put Virgin Coconut Oil into a smaller bowl to melt. How much you use depends on the size of the container you want to store it in.
  • Add one or two drops of essential oil(s) into the Virgin Coconut Oil once it has melted.
  • Stir gently and pour into the small container. Put the lid on.
  • Let it return to room temperature and solidify.
  • Depending on the temperature in your area, you may want to store this in the refrigerator.  Virgin Coconut Oil melts at about 78F.
  • To use, dab a bit on your finger and rub into your temples, the back of your neck or your sinuses (wherever the headache bothers you most)
  • Don’t forget to track your headaches to try and determine what some of your triggers are.
  • Have you tried any home remedies that work for headaches or other common illnesses?


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