These natural beauty tips have one thing in common: they all use a cheap, natural, and widely available mineral mix found in most pharmacies. Milk of magnesia is normally used as a laxative and stomach acid neutralizer, but it can be used in many amazing ways as part of your natural beauty routine.

Beauty Tips: Amazing uses of Milk of Magnesia
This creamy basic (chemically speaking) liquid can be used in many creative ways from body care to baby care! It’s simply magnesium hydroxide mixed with water, so it’s a very natural product, and is affordable enough to try for any of the following beauty tips and uses.
An Important Note!
Make sure your Milk of Magnesia only contains water and magnesium hydroxide. Many formulas have begun to add sodium hypochlorite, which is essentially bleach/bleaching agent, and it will be listed in the inactive ingredients. How is bleach an inactive ingredient?

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