A mother of three, Colin Mary, found an unusual, yet highly effective remedy against belly fat and managed to lose 2.5 cm from her waistline. The treatment involves plastic wrap, coconut oil and coffee grounds.
Get rid of fat overnight
How to lose fat overnight
Credit :glamorousgirls.org
Mix 50ml of coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and apply them on the areas you want to slim down. Wrap plastic around you, on the mixture, making sure the plastic wrap don’t fall during the night. Repeat the process before bedtime, daily, for one week or until you reach the desired results.
This treatment is going to work overnight by enhancing the perspiration and the blood flow in the area, slimming down your waistline. One week helps you lose 2.5cm from your waistline.
Mary thought of this treatment by linking the areas where the body perspires heavily, like the armpits, to the small amount of fat deposits.


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