One of the main reasons a woman applies makeup on her face is to cover the signs of her real age. Even though beauty is the most desired final effect, never underestimate the factor of youth as your general priority in your appearance, as well. There are many ways professional makeup artists, as well as the most famous bloggers, have written about. We have, though, decided to gather only those tricks that really work and that would be helpful for each of you. So, do not waste even more time – because time is beauty and youth – and check out the top makeup hacks to look younger than you actually are right away.

1. Situate the eyebrows higher

The illusion with the lifted brows can be easily done with a set of makeup tools and products for eyebrows. When you curve your brows and create the best shape for your face, measure twice and cut once. Then, apply the best eye brow pencil you`ve got and highlight with at least one darker shade at the edges for a better accent.

2. Get some glossy look of your lips

The gloss is supposed to be quite light, because otherwise, you will look one of those mums that can be defined with a difficulty whether they are mums or sisters. Also, put the gloss only in the centre of your lips – to get a slight sexy makeup idea with no obtrusive essence.

3. Mascara or fake eye lashes?

In both cases, your look is what determines you as a younger woman, so if you do not have enough time to apply good and decent mascara every day, consider having at least 2 ordinary eye lashes pairs.

4. You are not old and colours are allowed!

Ok, natural makeup is real a standard in beauty, but just because you have already passed your 30s, it does not mean you are forbidden to wear any bright shades. On the contrary, there are awesome nuances that can as a matter of fact, reduce at least 10 years away from your look – green, peach, light purple, deep chocolate and etc.

5. Lips with darker shade

Speaking of shades, when you pick up a lipstick shade, rely on darker nuances. Red is not only choice, because you can actually go for an awesome brown, sparkling pink with beige reflection and even a more natural plum idea.

6. Purchase a foundation with gold nuance

The ideal foundation shade for you is the one with gold nuance. This is the best colour for both – women above 50s and those, who are nearly them. To tell you the truth, though, as a very popular and modern shade these days, girls under 30s also prefer the gold-styled foundation, so you will not have any difficulties to find such. Article source
Top Makeup Hacks To Look Younger Than You Actually Are
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