There are literally hundreds of arm-toning workouts designed for women. You know them… tricep dips, kickbacks, flank, upright rows, hammer curls (the list goes on and on).

In the end, we all come to realize it’s practically impossible to try every exercise, especially when so many seem to show so little results. Here, we get back to basics and share the only 3 exercises you will ever need to have skinny arms FAST. Each of these are tried and true methods that have always worked.

Make sure you DO NOT use dumbbells that are heavy if you only want to get toned (3-5 pound dumbbells are recommended for the best results). The more weight… the more muscle.
How to Get Skinny Arms Fast!

Doing these exercises (20 reps each for 2 sets) is a good starting point. Once you feel like you’re able to do those easily, increase the number of sets.

Posture is everything!

The correct posture is critical to getting fast results.


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