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It's very common question for me to get "how did you lose the weight?" or "how did you do it under a year?" Well, I know that through out the journey, I have plastered my tips, my process and everything that I have done through out, but I know not everyone has time to go through my blog or instagram and look at every single post. I completely understand that! I decided to write up a post explaining what exactly I did and am doing.
Diet: I count calories and track them thru my fitness pal app that is free. I ate between 1400-1700 in the beginning, it just varied day to day. I eat eggs, ground turkey, apples, peanut butter, bananas, chicken, protein shakes, turkey burgers, broccoli, cauliflower, almond milk, low calorie pasta, just basically as clean and healthy as I can be. It was a learning curve in the beginning to figure out what to eat, but thats why I love calorie counting because I can eat a piece of cake and still stay on my "diet". I just have to make sure that I log it. If you are wanting to be friend on my fitness pal, my username is dianawinksmith. Now with my diet since I have learned quite a bit about myself and how my body is with certain foods, I eat 1300-1500 calories a day. Same types of foods. I used to have a cheat meal once a week but now I have limited that to twice a month. My body doesn't crave the foods anymore like I used to. I don't perform as well when I run and I get extremely sick.
Exercise: I started out walking 1-2 miles a day with my kids in the double stroller. I would use a pedometer to track my distance. I tried to burn anywhere between 200-500 calories per workout. Then as time went on and I got stronger, I started to try running. I got into running about 4 months into my journey and have just gotten stronger and built up my endurance. I eventually purchased a polar ft4 watch that tracked how many calories I burned. I highly recommend this watch and will be doing a post about it on Monday. I completed my first 5k in August of last year and then did my first half marathon in October. Through all of that training, I lost around 50 lbs. I joined a gym right after my half marathon and have now been incorporating weight lifting in to my workouts which I know has made a huge change in my body. I try and burn now between 500-1000 calories a workout. I get asked a lot how I can do so much. Well, my body just craves an intense workout. I love to run and running burns lots of calories. I need to keep pushing myself and anything below that wouldn't be.
Determination: Now this last one, I can't tell anyone how to obtain this. You just have to want it. If I didn't have the motivation and desire to try each and every day, I would not be where I am. I have had plenty of cheat meals and lots of days where I skipped my workout. I just got up every single morning wanting more. Sure, there were days even weeks where the motivation was just not there. However, I just had to remind myself that you will just digress if you don't continue and thats extremely depressing especially since I had already lost so much. That has made a huge change in my weight loss because it's never been something I saw as temporary. The thoughts like "If I workout really hard this week, I will reward myself with pizza and Ice cream this weekend." were not something I tried to let myself think. I didn't let myself think that way because whats the point in putting all the hard work and then back tracking. When I started seeing results, it just kept motivating me to keep going. I set goals for myself every single week and that made it more doable to try harder. I can remember plenty of times running and feeling so much pain in my legs but just thinking of the number I wanted to see on the scale on my weigh in day. That motivated me so much to push above and beyond.
I didn't choose the quick fix or the "diet" that would help me lose 20 lbs. I chose a lifestyle. I hated the way I felt for so many years and now I finally love getting dressed every day because I love the way clothes look on me. I get to buy smaller sizes instead of bottomless french fries. You need to reward yourself especially in the beginning but remember you're not a dog! Thats why I reward myself with new clothes or a pedicure. Just as long as it makes you feel happy!
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