It’s always best to start with a light warm up. you could do a 5 or 1o minute jog, jumping jacks, or just dance to some music. Please consult a dr before doing any of these moves and remember two things:

1~Keeping your bellybutton pulled into your spine will help to strengthen your abs while working out

2~ Don’t worry about height and not being able to do all the reps as much as doing the move the best you can and start with lower reps, pushing as hard as you can until you can move up to all the reps. You’ll get better with time.

Most of us don’t have a barre at home, so whether you do this at the gym with a barre or in your home at the counter top you can still get great results.

Perform this short thigh series 3-6 times a week for beautifully shaped thighs.

1. Straight Leg Extension: 32 reps each side
Place your hands on the counter top or hold onto the barre and while keeping your arms and legs straight, bend over at the waist for a flat back. Lift your left leg straight behind you, toes pointed and belly button to spine. Lift and lower the leg a few inches (do not take your toes to touch the floor, this is a small movement) making sure that you are using your thighs and glutes and not your back to lift. Do 32 reps on each side.

2. Angled Leg Extension : 32 reps each side
Extend your leg out, level with your back, but pointed at the corner of the room so it’s at an angle. Point your toes and pull the bellybutton into your spine. Lift and lower the leg only a few inches for a total of 32 reps (up and down is one rep) on each side.

3. Touch Down Toe Lift: 32 reps each side
 Extend the leg directly behind you and level with your back. Point your toes and pull the belly button to spine then slowly lower the leg until the toe touches the floor and lift back up. 32 reps on each side.

 4. Leg Lifts: 32 reps each side
Sit on the mat, leaning back onto your right forearm with your left knee bent, up on your toes next to your bum. Extend the right leg out, point the toe and lift and lower the leg for 32 reps. Repeat on the other side.

5. Flex Foot Leg Lift: 32 reps each side
Sit up tall with your legs straight out in front of you. Stretch your arms toward your toes and then fall over to the floor on the right side so you are bent in half. Flex both feet and lift the top leg up and down for 32 reps then repeat on the other side. Want to really work that outer thigh? Angle your toes down to the ground and lift and lower with food still flexed.

6. Bent Knee Crossover: 32 reps
Bent knee and up on your toes for this one. Cross the other leg back and forth over the shin bone engaging and

working the inner thigh. Pretend like you are playing the violin with your legs. Make sure your toes are pointed and do 32 reps on each side.
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6 Thigh Exercises for Thighs Like a Dancer
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