Are you worried about your teenager’s unhealthy weight gain? Are you clueless about how to tackle this sensitive issue with your teen, without hurting him?

Many adolescent girls and boys suffer from drastic changes in height, weight, body fat and bone composition when they are between 10-17 years of age. During the teen years, the body tends to store fat easily. Boys usually tend to lose fat late in their adolescent years, while girls retain fat as their natural body structure.

As a parent, you can plan a proper diet for your teenager to keep weight issues in check. Overweight teenagers are more likely to face bullying and suffer from depression and self-esteem. It can also lead him to develop severe health issues like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes later on in life. Read on to know how you can help your teen develop healthy eating habits and fight obesity.

Cause Of Obesity In Teenagers:

What leads to obesity in teenagers? There are several reasons:
The most common reason is an eating disorder. Binge eating, regular intake of unhealthy fast foods, low physical activity all lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Wrong weight control methods can also lead to gaining a few extra kilos. Nearly all teenagers are looking for the perfect figure. The idea of a perfect figure leads them to adopt unhealthy weight loss methods like fasting, purging and smoking.

Numerous teenager girls and boys are attracted to diet control pills as an easy solution to weight loss. However, this is not the correct solution. Pills have many side effects that may in turn lead to weight gain.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Teens:
Eating a healthy diet is the magic mantra to obtain a slim and strong body. Your teenager’s weight loss plans must include the following items:

1.A balanced diet is necessary for your child. A balanced diet consists of proteins, grains, healthy fats and dairy foods.
2.Having regular meals is the most important step to keep your child’s weight in control. You should offer three well-balanced meals and at least two healthy snacks to your teenage child.
Instead of fried foods, encourage your child to eat baked or grilled food. Such foods are healthy as well as tasty. Discourage him from the intake of foods that have high sodium content.

3.Teach your teenager to control his intake. Your child must stop eating when he or she is full.
Along with a balanced diet, it is also important to develop a habit of having fresh fruits and vegetables. Encourage your child to snack on seasonal fruits.

4.Regulate your child’s sugar consumption. Replace sweets with sugar-free snacks and drinks.
If your teenager develops a healthy food habit, along with losing weight he will also prevent numerous ailments. A balanced diet helps to build physical fitness, aids mental development and develops a confident personality.

5.The best way to encourage your child to have a healthy diet is to follow the diet yourself. Your child will automatically adopt healthy eating habits by watching you. You should also encourage your teenager to indulge in physical activities of his choice. He can take up a sport or go for a swim.

6.You can check your teenager’s obesity by helping him make a few lifestyle changes. It can ensure your child enjoys a healthy life ahead. Remember to avoid unfair comparisons and judgments that may hurt your teen and lower his self-esteem.

Hope you liked these tips on how to lose weight fast for teenagers.
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6 Best Weight Loss Tips For Teens
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