We live in a world where everything is moving at an astronomical speed. From the techs to our life styles, this is the world of fast-ism. Everyone wants to look good, wants to be the best out of the rest but does not have sufficient time to do so. Dedicating hours to the gym is not at all plausible for the common crowd with the busy life. With the problem of fighting obesity increasing at a doubling speed with every passing minute, it’s now high time for some personal health care. Handling work and personal health comes in a better package in this article. It’s called acupressure.


Our body is capable of doing things we can never imagine is possible. Acupressure brings these abilities in light. This is an age old healing art that consists of activating the pressure points in our body in order to regulate our bodily conditions and that includes the excess carbs. Once these points are located and applied pressure to, they release the tensed muscular tensions promoting the circulation and therefore better body functioning.

Our body hides certain pressure points which when applied pressure to sends various messages to the brain. The brain then sends the desired signals which is how weight loss can be explained through acupressure.

Being a proved method acupressure is known to make someone loose nearly 7 pounds maybe in a week once dedicated to this. Comes without any hassle this ancient art of healing by mind is a sure shot way to shed those baby fats without much hard work. Isn’t this what we all look for?

But before we start on with the acupressure points the pressure applying methods needs to be learnt. Generally the pressure point is started off with a subtle message that slowly transitions into pressuring the point for the given time span and then ending it with another subtle message. It is always advised to locate the pressure point on the other half of the body too for steady results.

The first step to acupressure consists of getting some sort of medical assurance or advice regarding your body’s capability to withstand this form.

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Top 6 Acupressure Points for Weight Loss
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