You will not deny it when I say it is our feet that take all the burden of the body, and are yet the most neglected part. While we do not hesitate to load our shopping trolleys with many a cosmetic for the face and body while on a shopping spree, little do we think of our loyal feet!
Most often, foot pain is caused due to overworked limbs. Standing for too long, walking on unyielding, hard surfaces and wearing shoes that are too tight, uncomfortable or without much scope for air circulation can cause blisters and foot pain. Fortunately, one can treat this condition very easily at home with natural remedies for foot pain that provide immediate relief to the feet. Outlined below are a few quick fix home remedies for foot pain.

Best Home Remedies for Foot Pain

1. Soak Your Feet Salon Style:

Treat your feet to a refreshing massage to ease the pain and discomfort caused due to shoe bites and blisters. Fill a basin with cold water and another with hot water, at a temperature that suits your feet. Sit on a comfortable chair and place your feet in cold water for about five minutes. Switch to the hot water basin and soak your feet for another five minutes. This treatment constricts and dilates the blood vessels of the feet, boosting circulation and relaxing the muscles, thus easing foot pain.

2. Sesame Oil Massage:

Make a refreshing and stimulating salve of clove oil and sesame oil. Add three tablespoons of sesame oil to three drops of clove oil. Mix well and massage the oils into your feet. This is among the most popular home remedies for foot pain as it stimulates blood flow and eases discomfort. Massage this mixture into your feet about three times a day for maximum benefit.

3. Ice:

Ice is one of the easiest methods to ease foot pain. Ice is a good remedy to reduce swelling of the feet. Crush a few cubes of ice, place in a small, thin plastic bag and hold against the affected area. You can also gently massage the affected area in a circular motion. A bag of frozen vegetables is also a good alternative to ice. The cold numbs the nerve endings and reduces swelling. The ice pack should not be applied for more than ten minutes, as it could cause skin and nerve damage when held against the foot for long. Read More

Top 10 Quick Fix Home Remedies For Foot Pain
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