Healy’s been transforming brows unique to each person for years. Here, he shares his best tips for making over your eyebrows depending on what state your eyebrows are in currently (over-tweezed, sparse, thick, unruly, asymmetrical, etc.).

1. Eyebrow Powder, for filling in thin or patchy spots.
2. Eyebrow Brush (with one angled powder brush and one spoolie brush), for applying powder and combing through hairs.
3. Eyebrow Scissors, for trimming long hairs
4. Tweezer, for tweezing stray hairs.
5. Eyebrow pencils (with a spoolie brush on the end), for correcting the shape of your brows and then filling them in.
6. Eyebrow serum, for growth.
7. Eyebrow highlighter, for underneath the arch of your eyebrow.
8. Clear eyebrow gel, for keeping your eyebrow hairs in place once you’ve groomed them.
Not pictured: Eyebrow razor, or a dermaplaning tool, used for getting rid of extra hair on the face around the eyebrows.

How To Fill In, Shape, Tweeze, Trim, And Transform Your Eyebrows
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