Today, we’re talking dark circles. I don’t know about you but dark circles definitely aren’t my friend. They can just about ruin a makeup look. With my fair skin the the area underneath my eyes is almost see through. No matter if I get my daily 8+ hours of sleep a night or not, my dark circles will always be there. I’ve tried concealer after concealer trying to figure out how to hide this area on my face the best that I can. But one technique has always been my go-to beauty trick for concealing those stubborn dark circles. Powder foundation is my best friend because it hides those stubborn dark circles so well. Powder foundation also hides other imperfections I like to hide like the redness around my nose or the occasional blemish. I use two brushes when covering the area under my eyes: a concealer brush and a big fluffy eyeshadow brush. Read more

How-to Conceal Dark Circles
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