Home Remedies for Warts:

1) Grind some coriander to make a poultice of it. Apply this on the area of the moles. This will help in to get rid of warts.

2) One more very simple way to remove the moles is to apply the juice of onion onto the moles on a very regular basis. 

3) Grind some cumin seeds and make a poultice of them. Apply this poultice on the mole, and tie it in place with the help of a cloth. This is very good for the moles that are bleeding. Doing this will definitely stop the blood oozing from the wound. In addition, the burning sensation of the mole, if any, will stop and even the most obstinate of moles can be removes by cumin seeds on regular application for a few weeks. This is very useful Home Remedy for Warts.

4) Apply the milky juice obtained from the trunk of the banyan tree. This is a very good remedy for the treatment of warts. You can get special benefits if you use the milky sap from the fresh green leaves of the tree. 

5) Apply the juice of a fresh pineapple onto the warts. The warts will disappear within a few days of continuous application. You can apply the juice in the night and leave it on the skin while you sleep. Wash it off in the morning. You can alter the method by tying a pineapple slice on the skin instead of the pineapple juice. This is another effective Home Remedies for Warts.

6) Take a pinch of baking soda and moisten it with a couple of drops of castor oil. Dab this paste onto the mole. Leave it on overnight. Do this continuously for a few days. You will find that the moles have been removed over time. This is useful to get rid of warts. Read More

Home Remedies for Warts – Useful Remedies to Get Rid of Wart


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