• Drink lots of water!
  • Black tea and Ginger Tea to calm my daughter’s belly (colds have a tendency to make her nauseaus and throw up).  The black tea actually seems to work better for her than the ginger tea.  I used a combination of both this time (with a little added honey), and she went from hanging around a trashcan (thinking she might be sick) to wanting breakfast.  Then she was able to eat something and that seems to help her with nausea also.
  • Yarrow is very effective for flu and fever. It helps to shorten the illness.  Yarrow is mild so it is one of the safer herbs for children.  It is helpful for the liver and kidneys.
  • For Sore throat:  Throat Coat Tea (this one contains echinacea to boost the immune system to help get rid of the virus) and/or frozen blueberries (I have never heard of this until today, but I have them on hand.)  *Update-we tried the frozen blueberries and they really helped!*
  • For Cough: Throat Coat Tea or Hyland’s Bronchial Cough (for night time coughs)
  • Goot-This is basically garlic and oils in a blender or food processor and applied to the bottom of the feet.  I have never tried it on the chest or sinuses, but I might today.
  • Bronchitis Formula-I only have extra strength oregano oil, and lemon oil so I am going to try it with just those oils.  Oregano oil is a very strong natural antibiotic.  I will use half of the oregano oil recommended in the recipe because I bought the extra strength oregano.  I also might try to take oregano oil internally (for myself only, it is very strong stuff.)  I found a testimony on earthclinic.com about oregano oil.  The commenter had sinus pressure, chest tightness, coughing, and clogged ears and found oregano oil taken sublingually and in water helped more than anything else.
  • Sinus Congestion-Oregano oil (as discussed above),  1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper into 1/2 cup warm water and used as a gargle. Read more

Home Remedies for Cold Symptoms


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