1. Wear the right shoes
This is so essential. Get your shoes from a running store. They’ll help you out pick up the right shoes for you. I had a friend who chose to run a marathon last minute. He prepared himself for a few weeks and ran it in his K-Swiss informal shoes. Yes, it’s been years and he’s still suffering the consequences. Just get the proper shoes.

8 Ways That Will Truly Make Running Easier

2. Learn how to breathe right

The majority of runners follow a 2-2 breathing pattern: 2 steps while breathing in, then out for 2 steps. You can also attempt a 3-2 breathing pattern. three steps while breathing in, then two steps while breathing out. Find out what works best for you.

3. Take shorter strides

This will make your runs feel comfortable. A new research proposes that it can make you run longer and quicker. If you make your stride short when you race, you can improve your sub-maximal speed and keep it for a longer period of time, therefore you can run further and longer.

4. Stretching

Once you’ve warmed up after 5-15 minutes stretch, then repeat after your run. This also reduces the risk of getting injured.

5. Eat more

Many people don’t eat adequately to maintain their running practice. You’ll get exhausted much faster without sufficient calories.

6. Weight training

Particularly the core and quads will serve you the most, as a runner. The quadriceps are chief to lifting your legs off the ground. Here’s a short exercise that can support, and be performed at your desk. Put one ankle over the other, then lift and align the lower leg 10 times. Do certain sets. You’ll sense it right above the knee.

7. Follow the 10% rule

Only extend your distance by 10% each week. If you raise your speed swiftly you are very predisposed to an injury. There have been various studies done demonstrating that you are less inclined to have an injury increasing your mileage by only 10% each week.

8. Start slow

Then speed up the tempo as you get warmer. This is a method applied by several elite runners.


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