Its an unfortunate thing that we often find ourselves eating foods and mostly overeating such that are harmful for our health and simply ruin our workout efforts, but there are alternatives, yes tasty, crispy and healthy ones. The only thing we have to do is a little research, here is a list of foods that are just worst for your waistline.

Chips: You know who they are. You “can’t eat just one” for a reason. They are full of toxic MSGs and have zero nutritional value. The truth is that 500 calories of chips will not fill your stomach and cue your brain to stop eating like 500 calories of fruits and vegetables will. Steer clear of these; they will only make you frustrated with yourself in the long run.

Cheese: Cheese is ever abundant at a BBQ. From cheese dips to cheese on your burger, this “stick to your bones” kind of food wears it’s welcome out quickly. Cheese is high in calories and fat.

Potato Salad: Potato salad is made with potatoes, eggs, and mayonnaise. This triple threat offers tons of calories and fat.

Desserts: Just because you are trying to eat healthy, doesn’t mean that you can never have dessert again.Read More


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