Here are 7 tips for running in the heat and humidity to keep you cool all summer long.
1. Run early. Morning temperatures are usually the coolest during the summer. It also will give you a break from the strongest hours of sunlight. It’s also the best time to see a hazy sunrise. You know I love my sunrises!
2. Less is best. Wear as little clothing as legally possible. Also stick to light colored, loose, wicking material clothing. Now is not the time for wearing all black or wearing cotton. Please, for the love of your skin, no cotton.
3. Wear a hat or visor. This will not only protect your skin from the sun, but it will also  help to keep your face cool. Soaking the hat or visor in cold water before heading out the door can help to lower body temp and keep you cooler.
4. Slow down. Run for time and effort rather than distance and pace.
5. Start slow. A warm up prior to a run should always be done, but even more so when the temperatures are high. You want to gradually increase your heart rate rather than starting out too fast.
6. Hit the trails. When the temperatures rise, asphalt and concrete absorb heat and radiate it back into your face. Trail running usually offers shade from trees. It also forces you to slow down. Bonus if the trail has the perfect place to jump in a lake or river along the way.
7. Drink up. If you are running more than 75-90 minutes, carry a hand held water bottle or a hydration pack with you. Or stash water bottles along your intended route ahead of time if you don’t like carrying anything in your hands. Or plan your route along accessible drinking fountains.Read More
Tips for running in heat and humidity
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