The '80s had their perms. The '90s had their butterfly clips. The '00s had their chunky highlights. Today, it's all about a head full of loose and easy curls. Every star from Gisele Bündchen to the Housewives of New Jersey has sported this decade's iconic look, but the seemingly-effortless waves tend to actually take a great deal of effort and even worse — a great deal of time. Plus, if your hair is as flat and straight as mine, the dreamy waves can seem 100 percent impossible, especially after hours of curling and re-curling, trying to make the ever-elusive curls stay put. However, what if I told you that you could get the look without having to wake up early, without having to sit in your bathroom for hours, and without having to redo twenty minutes after your hair falls limp? Ah, I have your attention now. Yes, there is a way to make straight hair curly overnight.

Working in broadcast news, I have to get up as early as 3:00 am to report to work. Since my eyes can barely open when my alarms ring in the morning, the last thing I can deal with is having to figure out what to do with my hair. Instead of having to set aside 20 to 30 minutes at the crack of dawn to manage my bedhead, I have developed some serious creativity when it comes to getting my locks in tip-top shape for the world of television. I discovered that I — and all those like me who wake up at ungodly hours to go to work, to feed a baby, to catch a plane, to sneak out of a lover's apartment — have more time than we think to get the hair of our dreams while we dream.

How to Wake up with Pretty Curls


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