here are a bunch of reasons you might find yourself waking up with skin that’s red, raw, itchy, or covered in rashes. Apart from conditions like rosacea, most skin irritation stems from the environment or using the wrong products. “Many people think they have sensitive skin because they get irritated by harsh products,” says Dallas-, NYC- and L.A.-based esthetician Renee Rouleau. “But it’s the harsh products that are the problem, not your skin. Inflamed skin is due to a weakened or damaged protective barrier.”

It’s best to consult a professional to find the cause of your inflammation, but here are some quick fixes you can use to soothe the problem:

Keep Up Your Moisturization

Dry skin causes tiny, superficial cracks in your skin, says Rouleau. “These invisible cracks are referred to as a damaged protective barrier. This is when your skin shows redness, feels tight and dry, and becomes easily irritated.” She recommends using a barrier-repairing product containing lipid-rich oils to reduce sensitivity and dryness. “Once the barrier is repaired, your skin should be far less dry, red and irritated.”

6 Easy Fixes for Red, Irritated Skin
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